Hands-on Art Director, Digital Product & Video

Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games is an Amsterdam`s video game studio, the largest video game publisher in Europe and part of Playstation/Sony Entertainment Network. It has always been super exciting to work for them, and I have been lucky to do it in both agency and freelancing roles. Therefore, since 2015 I have been involved in multiple projects in order to continiously shaping the brand according to the scale of the company.

︎︎︎Symbol optical correction. I was able to convince the client with a no-go point in their brief: touching their symbol.

︎︎︎2015 Web proposal

︎︎︎Blog Post

︎︎︎Stationery Proposal

︎︎︎2020 New HQ wayfinding pictograms

︎︎︎Recruiting Team Outfit & Giveaways. Guerrilla’s brand in video game shows.

︎︎︎Company Culture. I was commisioned for shooting Guerrilla’s HQ

︎︎︎Welcome Box. Guerrilla had a few objects in mind to be part of the company´s welcome box, storyteling and design was missing though.

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