Hands-on Art Director, Digital Product & Video


I am co-founder of Dedico together with my Layar/Blippar colleague Dirk Groten.
Created in 2017, Dedico is the plaftorm for those who prefer to spend holidays learning their passions. Basically, it is a marketplace with workshops and (commited) learning holidays in any category and all over the world. The challenge was to create a fresh, friendly and honest brand able to communicate the idea of holidays and the passion for learning something new.

︎︎︎The concepts behind the logo. Obssesion, learning and holidays

︎︎︎Mother Video. Used for pitching Dedico to investors and tech events

︎︎︎Teacher’s Homepage. Video-loop with real footage from our workshops

︎︎︎Clickbait Campaign. First campaign realised to explain Dedico’s concept in social media

︎︎︎Youtube/IG Campaigns. Spots segmented by category

︎︎︎Facebook Banner Campaing. A Segmented call to audicences by interests.

︎︎︎Guerrilla Print Campaign. Themed postcards/posters by category.

︎︎︎Guerrilla Poster Campaign. I printied 350 posters myself in traditional letterpress

︎︎︎Illustration visual language. Simple, clear and optimistic

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