Hands-on Art Director, Digital Product & Video

Dedico. Building a product

In 2013 my holidays changed my life... I lmade a calligraphy course in a Danish Convent. Since then, I was thinking in building up a product for the growing demand of leasure craft holidays. Dedico is the platform of Holidays for learning. Here you can find workshops in almos any discipline in destinations all over the world. Dedico has two sides: the marketplace for booking courses (B2C) and the teacher’s B2B platform, where they can publish their courses within minutes. For a real experience of the product, please visit www.dedi.co


︎︎︎Homepage Wireframe sketch. Search engine and row of cards systems

︎︎︎Course card System. The challende of selling a course in just one shot

︎︎︎Inside a course page

︎︎︎Modular & responsive. Making the developent process easier with a modular mindset.

︎︎︎Mobile friendly design

︎︎︎Landing page. A design for pushing the convertion and SEO positioning

︎︎︎9 simple steps to publish courses

︎︎︎Pictogram desing for ‘Extra services’ 

︎︎︎Teacher’s Dashboard. Messaging, Calendar & Finance 

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